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Thank you Runners!!!


"So sore today but I would not trade that experience for the world!!! I learned a lot about myself yesterday!!! That race was so well-run!! And the aid station volunteers were phenomenal! I will be back next year! Thank you!"

"Thank you Andy.  This was my first real trail race and I had a blast.  I'll never be the same.  Some have said I've moved to the dark side.  My friends says "life is found on the trails."  Thanks again for a wonderful experience that has changed my life."

"Thanks for a well run race! And many thanks to all the aid station volunteers who did an awesome job!"

"Amazing scenery, fantastic experience for my first 100K, incredibly helpful volunteers. Exactly why I love the trail running community. Thanks for putting on a great race. I will definitely spread the word down here in Madtown."

"We LOVED this race...thank goodness for people like you who put the time and energy into creating a fantastic experience for us! And the volunteers (some of whom we learned had run their race then zipped over to aid stations) with their cheers, cowbells and encouragement - they were awesome...not to mention the smiles and comraderie of fellow racers..."

"Beautiful course, wonderfully happy runners because of the great volunteers and good organizing...first year runner, will be back again next year. Thank you!"

"I had a blast (okay, not EVERY second, but most of them) in this race! Mad props to the volunteers who did a wonderful job from trail marking to cheering to water refills. I plan to be back next year!"

"Thanks Andy and Kim for another great event! Your races rock!"

"Most definitely the hardest race I've done... I loved it and will be back next year!!!! Thanks for a great race!!!!!"

"Wow – the Wild Duluth Races are really great! Big THANKS to Andy & Kim and everyone involved! Being really late in a race holds up a lot of people - Thank You so much to those who stayed out there making it possible for me to finish! And then warm soup and bread, and friends at the end was very nice."

"Special thanks to all the volunteers. Once again you put together some great aid stations and a well-marked course."

" What a terrific race this was.  Julie and Brad have always talked well about it and now I know why. I cannot think of a better way to spend 18+ hours. I though absolutely everything was top notch - the volunteers, the aid provided at the stations, the trail markings, the trails, the scenery and of course YOU :)   I help out coordinating the volunteers at the Ice Age 50 trail in the spring  - so I understand the effort to find dedicated volunteers and you hit the jack pot. Your volunteers are the envy of any RD. Out there for the full day in the cool brisk wind greeting all runners with smiles and words of encouragement. Outstanding! I have already started recruiting people to join us next year. Although the date is on my husbands birthday so I may need to work some kind of angle into it.  Thank you for hosting WD100..I will be back."


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