COVID-19 Update

June 27, 2020


We hope you are all doing well and staying safe and healthy.  It's been a crazy year and we're doing our best to try to move our events forward and stay afloat, but the challenges for all of us continue to mount.  We'd like to provide you with a little update of where things currently stand for our October 17-18 Wild Duluth races.


As of now, we are still planning to host our races in October.  We hope that things will settle down again and by mid-October and we'll be able to safely move forward with our events with additional safety protocols in place.  That said, if our events were scheduled for this weekend, they would have to be canceled.  Fortunately, we have some time for things to improve and for us to plan ahead.


We want you to know that we're working diligently to develop protocols for our race management that follow current best practices should we be allowed to move forward with our races as planned.  We're working with our permitting agencies to be sure we're operating within their Covid-19 safety parameters.  We'll post our specific Covid-19 race safety protocols once we've finalized them and we're getting closer to the event.  It's possible our event won't be permitted to go ahead as planned or the situation may not be safe enough, in our estimation, to proceed.  We hope that's not the case, but we have to be prepared for that scenario.


For those that have already registered for the event or those that might be planning to register in the near future, in the event of cancellation, our plan will be to:


1.  Allow runners to defer their race entry to next year’s race (2021). 
2.  Allow runners to defer their race entry to another race that we direct later in the year (Last Runner Standing or Duluth Winter Trail Running Series). 

3.  Runners may donate their entry if they choose.


Wild Duluth races have a no refund policy, as is common with most races in the country. Unfortunately, many of the expenses races have, including permits, venue rental and supplies are committed far in advance of the race and we rely on race entries to cover these costs. Deferring entries to other races and the following year will certainly have an impact on our bottom line, and from a financial standpoint it is a challenging and difficult decision, but it will not be as severe as full race refunds would be. We hope you understand this policy and if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us any time.


We don't anticipate offering a virtual race option for Wild Duluth, but are working on another virtual race event that runners could participate in should Wild Duluth be cancelled.  We'll let you know about those options as soon as they're finalized.  


We really hope Wild Duluth can go ahead as planned.  We know this year won't be the same, with the need for social distancing, staggered starts, PPE/masks, minimizing crew support, restrictive aid station protocols, minimizing pre and post race mingling and other precautions but we'll do the best we can to create a safe and fun event should we be able to proceed.  Stay tuned for more information as plans evolve and please stay safe and healthy.


Happy Trails,

Andy and Kim

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