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Wild Duluth Races - October 19-20, 2024
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Harder 'n Heck Half Marathon

Terribly Tough 10K

Wild Duluth 100K & 50K

Wild Duluth Details
Date:  Saturday October 19, 2024
Start6:00 a.m. Wild Duluth 100K - Bayfront Park, Duluth, MN 

8:00 a.m. Wild Duluth 50K - Oldenburg Point Picnic Area, Jay Cooke State Park

Finish:  Bayfront Park, Duluth, MN

Sunday October 20, 2024

Start:  9:30 a.m. Terribly Tough 10K - Munger Trail Trailhead, Duluth, MN 

10:30 a.m. Harder 'n Heck 1/2 Marathon - Chambers Grove Park, Duluth, MN

Finish:  Spirit Mountain, Duluth, MN

100K: $110 by September 17; $125 After September 17
50K: $90 by September 17; $105 After September 17
Half Marathon: $80 by September 17; $95 After September 17 (350 Runner Limit)
10K: $40 by September 17; $55 After September 17
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Wild Duluth Races

The Wild Duluth Races include rugged 50K and 100K ultramarathons, established in 2009. Harder 'n Heck Half Marathon was established a year later in 2010, and the Terribly Tough 10K was added in 2019.  The Wild Duluth Races all enjoy spectacular views of the Northern Minnesota city of Duluth and mighty Lake Superior from the rugged, rocky and rooty Superior Hiking Trail.  Runners from out of town marvel at the wild trails we possess here in Duluth.  While you'll be running through the City Limits of Duluth most of the way, you'll feel like you're running in a truly wild place - Wild Duluth!

Introducing the WILDMAN and WILDWOMAN challenge!  Complete the 50K on Saturday and Half Marathon on Sunday or 100K and 10K to become a WILDMAN or WILDWOMAN! Or, complete the 100K on Saturday & Half Marathon on Sunday to become the ULTIMATE WILDWOMAN or WILDMAN or complete   Who will be up to the challenge?


2019 Race Update

2019 introduced some changes to the Wild Duluth Race schedule.  Most notably perhaps is the move of the Half Marathon to Sunday with a new start and finish point.  This move allowed us to increase our runner limit and share the race with more people.  This move also allowed us to add the Terribly Tough 10K.  By starting at Chambers Grove for the Half Marathon and ending at Spirit Mountain, we're able to avoid busy road crossings that plagued the original Harder 'n Hell course.  The only busy road crossing for the entire half marathon will be Becks road about halfway through the race.  Even more excitingly, we're able to add in perhaps the most spectacular section of the course for BOTH the half marathon and 10K - Ely's Peak!  Both races will scale Ely's Peak and enjoy the tremendous views from the top. The half marathon might be just a touch easier (thus the name change to Harder 'n Heck :-), but will still be very difficult, particularly the climb to Ely's Peak and the rocky segments beyond.  Our finish line at Spirit Mountain will avoid the Bentleyville congestion and will allow us to focus more on the half marathoners and 10K runners than we were able to at Bayfront with all the 100K and 50K runners also finishing at the same location.  We think you'll enjoy these changes!  See you there!

Also new in 2019 was our WILDMAN and WILDWOMAN Challenge.  See the basic details in the snippet above.  Look in Race Info for more details.  We'll also be providing a discount on entry fee for those runners who VOLUNTEER the day before or day after their race at the accompanying events.  100K and 50K runners will get discounted entry if they volunteer the entire day at the Half Marathon and 10K the next day.  Conversely, Half Marathon and 10K runners will also get discounted entry on their races if they volunteer the previous day at the 100K and 50K events.  Contact us for coupon codes if you plan to race and volunteer.

The Race


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